CAMBODIA TOURS Cycle 9 days & more Cycle from Siem Reap

Bike Tour In Cambodia – 12 Days

Day 1: Arrival Day Siem Reap  ( D )
You can arrive any time before 3:30pm today. In the late afternoon, we meet for a briefing with your tour leader and a bike fitting. We then head out to dinner in the pleasant atmosphere of the Siem Reap Old Town.

Day 2: Siem Reap, Cycle Angkor 30km  ( B , L )
Setting out nice and early on the bikes while the air is still fresh, today provides an introduction to the Angkor temples. First stop is Angkor Wat, the most famous of all. After exploring this expansive temple, we continue on and take a lovely ride on the wall of Angkor Thom. We stop off at the Bayon with its serene faces and then onto the Elephant Terrace where we have lunch in the nearby shade. As the long shadows of the afternoon appear, we will explore Ta Prom where giant fig trees have tried to consume this temple, with their roots weaving through and hanging over the walls and archways. Arrive back in town in the late afternoon and then have some free time to enjoy the town.

Day 3: Cycle to Beng Melea 75km, Transfer to Kampong Thom  ( B , L ,D )
Bidding farewell to Siem Reap, it’s time to hit the road on our journey through Cambodia. We ride on some lovely back-roads through villages, with kids calling out hello and many other polite questions, like Òwhat is your nameÓ, stop for a sugar cane juice and some other tasty local snacks before continuing further into the remote areas of Siem Reap Province. We arrive at the moss covered Beng Melea temple around lunch time and while our authentic lunch is being prepared, we explore the shaded ruins that make up Beng Melea. After lunch, drive to Kampong Thom, a provincial capital where surrounding villagers come to trade, something of a contrast to tourism orientated Siem Reap where you started the day.

Day 4: Cycle to Kampong Cham 80km  ( B, L , D )
After breakfast in the pleasant garden of our hotel, we take a short drive to reach our start point for the day. Today’s ride is on a sealed secondary road through farmland and plantations. We pass cassava and taro crops as well as the rubber plantations which are a nice contrast to the open fields that you have been riding through until now. As the sun gets low in the sky we will find ourselves on small dirt trails riding through villages and as we pass a disused air strip from the US/Vietnam war days. Kampong Cham was, until quite recently, the second largest city in Cambodia (Siem Reap has since surpassed it). The town is situated on the banks of the Mekong River where a bridge spans the river linking central Cambodia with the north eastern provinces. A drink at a makeshift bar of the banks of the Mekong is an excellent way to see out the day.

Day 5: Cycle to Phnom Penh 75km  ( B , L , D )
We start out today with a drive over to the west to Oudong Mountain for lunch. In the afternoon take a highly enjoyable ride on dirt roads through a peaceful corner of Kandal Province. As the day wears on, the rice fields and villages are replaced by a more industrial landscape, followed by a residential one and all of a sudden we are in the capital city. Phnom Penh is a vibrant little city and a huge surprise after days of remote countryside.

Day 6: Free Day Phnom Penh  ( B )
Today is yours to explore this small, but lively city. An early morning visit to the markets is a good way to start off. The locals will be haggling over fresh vegetables and many different kind of freshwater fish, a staple in Cambodian food. The Central Market is an architectural point of interest and the Russian Market is excellent for clothing and crafts. One can also visit the S21 Genocide Museum to learn more about the darker side to this country’s past. An evening drink on the riverside is a good way to take stock and perhaps interact with some of the locals who will be out in droves for their evening exercise.

Day 7: Cycle Islands of the Mekong, Transfer to Killing Fields & Takeo 45km  ( B , L , D )
A ferry over the Mekong takes us to the far banks of the river where life is still at a slower place than the city side of the river. Visit a silk weaving workshop to learn about the life of silk and then continue riding through orchards, gardens and farmland on the silt islands that sit in the middle of the Mekong. The nutrients brought down by the river over time make this an incredibly fertile area where a wide range of fruit and vegetables can be grown. Then drive back through the city where we stop for lunch and head onto the infamous Killing Fields where we learn a little about the darkest chapter of Cambodian history. It is a confronting but relevant visit. Back into the bus we drive into southern Cambodia and take a late afternoon pedal around the pleasant rural town of Takeo.

Day 8: Cycle to Kep 100km  ( B , L , D )
An early start as usual sees us cycling southwards in the direction of the Vietnam border, but before we get there, we take a right hand turn and head back over to meet a minor highway. As we pedal southwards on this road, we pass limestone karsts, palm and coconut trees, and small villages. We hit the coast in the mid afternoon at a town called Kep. Here we find crumbling buildings from the sixties and earlier when the French colonialists would frequently be found on holidays, escaping the heat of the interior. We stay in a well located hotel and dine on fresh seafood this evening as a reward for a long day.

Day 9: Visit Rabbit Island, Cycle to Kampot 30km
  ( B , L , D )

After breakfast overlooking the sea, we take a boat over to nearby Rabbit Island where the sand is white, the water is a beautiful aqua, and the lunch tasty. After a nice relaxing morning we take a ride to the pleasant town of Kampot where a handful of well preserved, older buildings, sit in the shadow of Bokor Mountain.

Day 10: Cycle to Sihanoukville 104km  (  B , L ,D )
Today’s ride starts out with a lovely ride on a big wide but fairly quiet road that skirts the base of Bokor Mountain. We pass a fishing village with colorful boats bobbing around and fish being frantically loaded onto vehicles bound for the markets of Phnom Penh. After lunch we find ourselves on an even quieter road with rolling hills. We pop out at a small beach with powder white sand and aqua water before we pass the main port facility and make our way into Sihanoukville through the back door. A comfortable hotel with a lovely beach awaits you.

Day 11: Free Day Sihanoukville  ( B )
Whilst there are a number of activities to be had in Sihanoukville from snorkeling and diving trips, to kayaking, and even an activity where you can insert yourself into a giant ball and roll down a hill, you may just enjoy relaxing by the beach, snacking on delicious food and perhaps enjoying a massage.

Day 12: Transfer to Phnom Penh and Departure ( B )
We leave for Phnom Penh around 8am. We can drop you either at the airport (4 hours drive) or in the city (a little under 5 hours drive). Should you wish to remain in Sihanoukville, please inquire at the time of booking for accommodation and transport options. The tour concludes on arrival in Phnom Penh.

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