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Northern Laos Cycle Tour – 14 Days

Northern Laos Cycle Tour enters Laos across the Mekong River from Thailand, you will enjoy a spectacular boat trip to Pak Beng, before exploring the lush jungles of the northern mountains. We cycle on through Laos, encountering traditional life in hill tribe villages, en route to Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995. This ancient royal city, full of exquisite Buddhist Temples, where time seems to stand still, is a magical place to explore and relax. We cycle on undertaking some serious bike riding, through rolling hills and past fishing villages on our journey towards the sleepy capital of Vientiane, situated on the banks of the Mekong.

Day 1: Chieng khong (Thailand) – Vieng phou kha (Laos)
Cross the border from Thailand to Laos, after immigration formalities in Laos, transfer from border 30 km, the rest of 90 km we ride through the hill tribe villages of Kamu and Lolandders. Lunch in the shade under trees by the road wherever we feel hungry. Lunch is prepared by our guide and helpers. We arrive at the small town of Viengphoukha in the late afternoon. 

Ride:  90 km on good quality asphalt road.
Accommodation: primitive guesthouse (no electricity)
Meals:  (L/D)

Day 2: Vieng Phou Kha – Luang Nam Tha
We have breakfast at local restaurant. Our guide will help the restaurant prepare for the group. The riding distance today is only 55 km, on an undulating road, not as difficult as day 1. We also ride through hill tribe villages with a lot of children running out from their houses, greeting us  “SABAIDEE” in Lao language (“HELLO!) We arrive and have lunch in LuangNamTha at noon.  

:  55 km on good quality asphalt road.
Meals: B / L / D
Accommodation: boat landing guesthouse (nice bungalows with private bath and 24 h electricity)

Day 3: Luang nam tha – Muangsing – Luangnamtha
Ride from guesthouse to a small town of Muangsing, close to the Chinese border. Today’s ride will take us through the most jungle covered mountains anywhere on the route, the road crosses two valleys LuangNamTha and Muangsing, so there will be some climbing, lunch in a restaurant, hill tribe village, and a drive back to LuangNamTha, where we will stay overnight at a boat landing guesthouse.

: 60 km on good quality asphalt road
Meals: (B / L / D)
Accommodation: boat landing guesthouse

Day 4: Luang nam tha – Udomxai
Transfer the first 43 km from the guesthouse to the junction to China, ride 84 km to Udomxai. Today we ride through the villages of Thai Lu, Kmue, and Hmong ethnic groups. The variety of these groups throughout the hills of the north of the country is a highlight of this trip. Lunch is prepared by our guide and helpers. We will eat when we feel hungry and will have lunch by the road under a tree. We arrive Udomxai in late afternoon.

: 84 km on good quality asphalt road
Meals: (B / L / D)
Accommodation: Litthavixai guesthouse with private bathroom and 24 h electricity

Day 5: Udomxai – Muang khua
After breakfast, we head west toward the Vietnam border. Though the route is a gradual descent it ascends in some places. It is not too steep however. There are some excellent photo opportunities of the friendly Khmu tribe and their families. Lunch is prepared by our guide and helpers. We will find a nice spot for lunch stop by a stream. Today is a great day of riding.
Ride from Udomxai to MuangKhua, stay overnight at Xernaly Hotel

103 km
Meals:( B / L / D)
Accommodation: Xernaly Hotel (with private bath, power by generator from 6 – 10 pm)

Day 6: Muangkua – Pakmong
After breakfast we get on the long tail boat on Nam Ou River. The boat journey takes us down one of the most beautiful River stretches in Laos. The lime stone mountains become steeper the further south we go. The amazing landscape is quiet and relaxing. After 4 hours we arrive Muang Ngoi village. Muang Ngoi Village was the capital district of LuangPrabang province controlled by communists before 1975 during the Indochina War. We lunch at a restaurant. After lunch we continue another an hour to Nongkiaw. We start riding from Nongkiaw. After 30 km we reach the junction of Pakmong village, where we stay overnight at a guesthouse.

Ride: 30 km
Meals: (B,L,D)
Accommodation: Guesthouse

Day 7: Pakmong – LuangPrabang
After breakfast we turn right at the junction and again ride along Route 13 north head to LuangPrabang. Today is the longest day, the road ascends and descends but it is not as long as day 6. At kilometer 30 to LuangPrabang we turn from road 13 to a dirt road toward the Mekong River at Pak Ou village and visit Buddha caves. Riding is optional for the last 30 km to LuangPrabang.

Ride: 110 km
Meals: (B / L / D)
Accommodation:  SalaPrabang Hotel

Day 8: LuangPrabang
Day free in Luang Prabang.

Accommodation: SalaPrabang Hotel

Day 9: LuangPrabang – Kiew ka cham 
We ride out of town and join route 13 heading south. Today’s ride will rise around 1000 meters in elevation. Climbing starts almost as soon as we leave town. We ride out of the Mekong valley and into the mountains, following the Khan river. We fork left staying on route 13, then start a series of tough climbs. After 15 km of climbing (1005 m above sea level), we are rewarded by a 14 km descent to Nam ming (350 m above sea level) where we stop for lunch. After lunch, we have one last climb (20 km) into the mountains to Phou Dam before we drop down to Kiew Kacham (1340 m above sea level). Accommodation is basic but dinner is good and there is plenty of Lao Beer.

Altitude: LuangPrabang = 270 m. Kewkacham = 1340 m
Ride: 82 km
Meals: (B / L / D)
Accommodation: Kiewkacham guesthouse (primitive with shared bath, 24 h electricity)

Day 10: Kiewkacham  –  Kasi
Our guide will prepare breakfast. This area is the coldest place in our trip especially in the morning, as we ride along the mountain ridge for 20 km. At 22 km, we start our first climb of the day for 8 km. We stop for lunch at Phoukhoun, 46 km from Kasi, our destination, at an altitude of 1300 m. This is a big crossroads where Route 7 enters the Plain of Jars. We continue down Route 13. This 25 km descent is one of the best in Southeast Asia. We enjoy an excellent after noon ride, regrouping at a abridge across a small stream at 75 km. We then have a short climb before a flat ride into Kasi where we stay overnight.

Kiewkacham = 1340 m. Kasi = 405 m
Ride: 94 km
Meals: (B / L / D)
Accommodation: Vanphisith guesthouse (good guesthouse with private bath and hot shower. 24 h electricity)

Day 11: Kasi – VangVieng
We should be able to do today’s ride in a single morning leaving extra relaxation time in VanVieng. We continue along Route 13. Though there are short climbs most of the ride is downhill or flat. The scenery is beautiful and you should really enjoy stretching your legs. The large village of Ban Phatang. The last 18 km is a fast flat ride among spectacular limestone mountains. We will reach the hotel in time to enjoy lunch overlooking the river. The afternoon is free to explore the town or take a swim in the river. VangVieng has a lively traveler’s scene with all the usual accompanying facilities: e-mail, pubs, pizza, and many foreigners.

Kasi = 405 m. Vangvieng = 280 m
Ride: 58 km
Meals:  (B / L)
Accommodation: Elephant Crossing Hotel.

Day 12: VangVieng – Thalat
We have a long ride today and the heat may be the factor so we will want to get on the road early. We continue along Route 13 and stop for refreshments every 20 or 25 km. The rest of the morning is along undulating roads to Hinherb village. After 69 km we reach a long bridge, and stop for lunch in a restaurant. The afternoon ride is along fast flat roads. After 83 km, we turn left at a main junction of Phonhong town. After 15 km of riding along the flat road we enter the town of Thalat near the NamNgum dam. We stay in Napakuang Resort where we have dinner.

VangVieng = 280 m. Thalat 190 m
Ride: 100 km
Meals: (B / L / D)
Accommodation: Napakuang Resort (good room)

Day 13: Thalat – Vientiane
We ride out of Thalat, passing the Namngum dam. We have one sharp climb in the morning then it is fairly flat. We stop for lunch in a local restaurant when we feel like it. Riding today there is more traffic so remember to ride on the right side all the times. We regroup before getting into town. We then cycle to our hotel. Dinner is at the KuaLao restaurant.

 Thalat = 190 m. Vientiane = 180 m
Ride: 93 km
Meals: (B / L / D)
Accommodation: Sengtawan hotel. Tel: (856) 21 219362.

Day 14: Vientiane departure
After leisurely breakfast, transit to airport for fly back to your country.

Meal: B

The Price : Contact Us

Tour Including:
– English speaking guide
– Bike rental (Trek Mountain bike) and Helmet
– Back up Car with drinks , snacks and support
– Luggage Transport or non riding guest transfer
– Nights in hotels, guesthouse and home-stay
– Meals as described in itinerary B = Breakfast , L = Lunch , D = Dinner
– Boat ride in tour

Remark: Depending on weather and road conditions, this itinerary is subject to changes

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